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Total Fashion Makeover

Our most popular package is our Total Fashion Makeover where we assess personal style, provide a figure and mini-color analysis, and show you how to work with your current wardrobe. At this session we help you determine which of your wardrobe items should be discarded, altered to be more flattering, or consigned, show you how to mix and match your current pieces, and make a list of future purchases to help you build a wardrobe that works for you.  This is the best value priced at $800.

Color Analysis, Makeup and Skin Care Lessons, and Hairstyle Recommendations are provided at a cost of $150 per hour.  Feminine Deportment and Etiquette Coaching Sessions are also available.

After the initial Total Fashion Makeover, schedule a Personal Shopping Session at a Tampa area mall for up to 3 hours at a rate of $500, additional hours billed at $150 per hour, or we can accompany you on a Professional Photo Shoot (appropriate attire only).  Contact us for photo shoot rates.

*For locations outside the Tampa Bay Area, a transportation fee may be required of $150 per hour or a daily rate of $1,000 per day.

To help with your gift giving, we can provide a beautiful customized gift certificate accompanied by a letter detailing service or services to be received.  Gift certificates must be paid in full before shipping.  Services are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Personalized Color Analysis

Studies have shown that color is the first thing that a person notices about you. Wearing the wrong colors can be detrimental to your total image. Some colors will enhance your natural coloring, make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your hair color have more depth. Other colors may dull your complexion, emphasize bags under your eyes, overpower you or even make you look older! Colors can even evoke emotional reactions.

A professional, personal color analysis usually takes around 90 minutes and is the only way to be sure of your best colors. During your one-on-one session, Kelly will determine your individual color palette, create a personal color fan to take with you, and discuss how to transfer that information to your clothing, makeup and hair. $150 plus travel expenses if outside the Tampa Bay area.

Personal Shopping

After you have had an initial consultation and identified your clothing personality, color palette, and body type, you can schedule a personal shopping trip with Kelly as your personal shopper and consultant.  $500 for up to 3 hours at a Tampa area mall or boutique, additional time billed at $150 per hour.

Personal Wardrobe Portfolio (available for men & women)

Before you do any serious shopping, have your Personal Wardrobe Portfolio created. It will not only define your body type, but your ideal necklines, collars and sleeve lengths; styles of skirts, dresses and formal wear; lengths and shapes of jackets, coats, slacks, shorts and swim wear; size and scale of accessories, bows and scarves, jewelry, and even the size and scale of your handbag!

Using a software program, I am able to help clients identify what their best clothing styles are to make shopping easier, more efficient and best of all, empowering. Having clothing that fits us uniquely is all about understanding how the cut of the garment should fit our body. This part of our work together will help you to identify what your body type is so that when garments are selected, they are for your body type and style only.

To develop your Personal Wardrobe Portfolio, thirteen measurements are taken, including both your vertical and horizontal measurements. We can take your measurements for you during a personal consultation, or you can email them to us using the list below. Shortly after receiving your information, you will receive your personalized 150-page shopping guide.

Image Consultation

After completing an Image Profile Questionnaire, your personal image development and goals are developed. The purpose of this exercise is to identify areas on which you need to focus to feel better about yourself. All areas of image are addressed such as clothing, makeup, voice and body language.
Read more in our
Corporate Image Consulting section.

Identifying Your Clothing Personality

By assessing your personality traits, preferences and goals, we can determine your clothing personality and further define your style. The goal is to save time and money by choosing items in your wardrobe that support who you are. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire, Kelly, your Certified Image Consultant, will provide you with your results with recommendations, including a list of recommended places to shop.

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