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We look to the fashion world for guidance and fashion advice, but all we get are mixed messages. Learn how to analyze your appearance and wardrobe. Cut through the confusion, get the right fashion advice, and save time and money.

Learn How To Develop Your Own Personal Fashion Style
By: Kelly Machbitz, AICI, CIP, Certified Image Consultant

Available Topics:

Using Makeup as an Enhancement Tool

  • Makeup starts with good skin care
  • Makeup in 5 minutes or less
  • Choosing colors that don't clash with your hair or clothing
  • The proper eyebrow shape and corrective measures
  • Enhancing your best facial feature
  • Minimizing tricks for physical facial flaws
  • Makeup for special occasions

Knowing What is Right For You

  • Evaluating your personality and lifestyle
  • Analyzing your career and business situations
  • Selecting appropriate dress for various social situations
  • Stylish dressing for leisure activities
  • How to cross over and adjust your wardrobe accordingly

Understanding Your Self Image and Attitude

  • How updating your image can bring out self-confidence
  • What your body language is saying about you
  • Identifying your best qualities and creating a signature style
  • How attitude can change an outfit

Identifying and Minimizing Your Image Flaws

  • How to play down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths
  • Why color makes or breaks an outfit
  • Creating balance in an outfit
  • When certain fashion rules should be broken (get the right fashion advice)
  • Which rules to disregard so you can look your best

Developing a Winning Wardrobe

  • How to regain control of your closet daily and effectively
  • Which pieces to hold on to and which ones to discard
  • Mixing and matching colors for maximum impact
  • Expanding your wardrobe with fewer pieces
  • Devising great looks that won't break the bank

Evaluating Accessory Choices

  • How to alter the personality of an outfit with jewelry,
    scarves, belts, handbags, shoes and hats
  • Letting accessories take you from day to evening
  • Accessorizing to bring last year's look into this year
  • Expanding your wardrobe with only a few accessories
  • The do's and don'ts of accessorizing
  • How to care for your accessories

Programs can be tailored to your individual fashion needs. Pricing starts at 1/2 day rate

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