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In Person Image Consultation
$ 150
(non refundable deposit)

Please fill out all forms:


Image Assessment

Personal Style Questionnaire

IMPORTANT: All services require the measurements form and all but the Wardrobe Portfolio require pictures in jpeg format or mailed...two full-body (one in professional attire and one in casual wear), and two head shots (one with hair pulled away from face with no eye-wear or makeup, and one with everyday hairstyle and makeup-if usually worn).

E-mail Fashion Makeover - $ 99

  • A condensed version of our Personal Wardrobe Portfolio (priced at $250)
  • After completing a questionnaire and sending us two full body pictures (one in professional clothing and one in casual wear) you will receive:
  • An overview of your clothing style.
  • Recommendations for your best professional wardrobe, business casual and casual clothing choices.
  • Suggestions to help you enhance your best physical qualities and bring into balance various areas of your physique.
  • Eyewear and jewelry choices.
  • Formal wear recommendations for your body type.

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Wardrobe Portfolio - $ 250

Before you do any serious shopping, have your Wardrobe Portfolio created. It will not only define your body type, but your ideal necklines, collars and sleeve lengths; styles of skirts, dresses and formal wear; lengths and shapes of jackets, coats, slacks, shorts and swim wear; size and scale of accessories, bows and scarves, jewelry, and even the size and scale of your handbag!

Using a software program, I am able to help clients identify what their best clothing styles are to make shopping easier, more efficient and best of all, empowering. Having clothing that fits us uniquely is all about understanding how the cut of the garment should fit our body. This part of our work together will help you to identify what your body type is so that when garments are selected, they are for your body type and style only.

To develop your Wardrobe Portfolio, thirteen measurements are taken, including both your vertical and horizontal measurements. We can take your measurements for you during a personal consultation, or you can email them to us using the list below. Shortly after receiving your information, you will receive your personalized 150-page shopping guide.


1.   Top of head to floor
2.   Full bust to floor (measure from fullest part of bust to floor)
3.   Full hip to floor
4.   Middle of kneecap to floor
5.   Neck length (from bottom of ear lobe to top of shoulder)
6.   Shoulders (pick one)
          a. Broad and square
          b. Broad and tapered
          c. Average and tapered
          d. Average and sloping
7.   Full bust circumference
8.   Bra cup size
9.   Waist circumference
10. Full hip circumference
11. Wrist circumference
12. Ankle circumference
13. Weight
14. Age (select one)
         a. 30 years and under
          b. 30-45 years
          c. 45-60 years
          d. 60 years and older
15. List any prominent features. (List any major problem areas such as very
       large rear-end, dowager's hump, etc.)
16. Face shape (select one) a. Round
          b. Oval
          c. Square
          d. Rectangle
          e. Triangle
          f. Inverted triangle
          g. Diamond

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Personalized Style Portfolio - $ 350

In addition to providing you with wardrobe recommendations based on your measurements, we will include relevant information on current designer trends, fabrics, patterns and the latest accessories as they apply to you.

Our questionnaire will uncover your unique fashion flair and tell us if you prefer a traditional, sporty, feminine, alluring, elegant, dramatic or creative look. We then translate that information into current designer choices and tell you where to shop for them.

In addition, you will receive a checklist to assist you in examining the clothes in your closet to begin eliminating the items that no longer work for you.

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In Person Image Consultation - $ 150 Deposit (non refundable)

Give us your contact information and we will call you to discuss our services one on one.

We do counsel both, individual and corporate clients on appearance, behavior and communication skills to help achieve their specific goals with authenticity, credibility and confidence.

Once we have determined a consultation date and time, a non-refundable deposit of $150 will hold your appointment. A 72-hour cancellation notice is required.

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